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Strong, Confident, Empowered.

Encouraging women to become the best version of themselves through Health, Fitness & Nutrition.

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Seven Day Health Reset


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Hey! My name is Ashleigh Jade and I am an Online Coach, Personal trainer and a Registered Nutritionist.
I am incredibly passionate about educating women on how to nourish your mind and body through daily movement, training, mindfulness and nutrition. 

Like many females in the industry, I feel like I can say Ive tried it all, literally every diet and weight-loss "fad" that was available to me, I tried it. It wasn't until I lost my own menstrual cycle in 2020 for almost 12 months, that a fire lit inside me to discover sustainable solutions for a long term lifestyle change, that benefited me in all areas of my health. This involved diving deep into my Nutrition education, accepting weight gain & my relationship with the scales, balancing a sustainable fitness lifestyle & work life balance, getting my cycle back and so much more. These challenges are truly what I believe have shaped me into the Women's Health Coach that I am today with a mission is to create a voice in the health and fitness industry to share my knowledge, experiences and passion for training and nutrition with a community of like-minded women.

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I offer a range of services from Online Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Training Memberships, Tailored Meal Plans and Face to Face PT, So if you'd like to take that leap, and dive deep into the next step of your health & fitness journey, I've got you covered!

Set up with the tools for success and a plan to follow. This will provide you with 1:1 support and guidance throughout your entire journey. If you would like to get educated about your personal nutrition for long-term results and be held accountable on a weekly basis, but have training under control, Nutrition Coaching is for you!

  • Fortnightly updated Tailored Meal Plans that align exactly with your prescribed macros

  • x2 breakfast options, x2 lunch options, x2 dinner options, dessert, pre & post workout nutrition.

  • Weekly Check in with your Nutrition Coach to go over highlights, challenges, goals and reflection.

  • Frequently updated and alternations to 12 week roadmap, ability to work on balancing weekends, events and specific time frames.

  • Fortnightly Coaching Calls to check in with your Nutrition Coach again to discuss your plans in further detail.

  • Access to our AJPT Facebook Community where we discuss food Inspo, share our wins, ask questions and share recipes. Along with a weekly education and/or learning resource posted! (E.g Book recommendations, podcasts etc)

  • AJPT App Access with your own personal profile to store all your data and progress. Direct communication with Ashleigh Jade 7 days a week.

  • Ability to continue past the initial 12 week program timeframe.



Includes everything listed with Nutrition Coaching, with an added customisable training program tailored to your physique goals, the ability to send through exercise videos to request feedback within weekly check ins and guidance throughout your training lifts & fitness journey.


  • 6 Week Structured Training program tailored to your physique goals and focus. At home or gym specific.

  • Customisable 2-5 day split routine, depending on your preference. 

  • Ability to send through exercises videos to request feedback within weekly check ins. Feedback is given via visual annotation, voice notes and/or demonstrations. 

  • Access to complete exercise training library, with video demonstrations and instructions.

  • Easy to follow training program, to track sets, reps, personal bests and to store all of your training data and progress.



$55 per week (INC. GST)

$65 per week (INC. GST)

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“I absolutely love working with Ash! I really feel that Ash is so invested in her clients whether they are nutritional clients like myself or training clients, and she provides a much more personal service! Since working with Ash I really feel she has helped me really realise that I really have gained knowledge in this time regarding macros, calorie balance etc. She has really helped me understand the importance of having balance and no foods are bad foods. I don’t feel like I’m just another number to her brand and I feel that she really puts time in to each check ins and meal plans, And that really stands out!!”
"Ash has been nothing short of amazing! Every plan is personal, adjustable and feels like a collaborative experience, not just reviewing information from a company. Good motivation that doesn’t put a stressful amount of pressure on things and celebrates ALL successes, couldn’t be happier!"

"Ash has been nothing short of amazing! Every plan is personal, adjustable and feels like a collaborative experience, not just reviewing information from a company. Good motivation that doesn’t put a stressful amount of pressure on things and celebrates ALL successes, couldn’t be happier!"

"I believe that AJPT is set apart from others I have trained with in the past, as Ash makes you feel like you are family. She truely cares about her clients. She customises her sessions to individual needs and is understanding and supportive of all your choices and decisions, while still helping you and guiding you in the right direction."

"I've been more than happy with the Nutrition Coaching I've received from Ashleigh. Training was never the hard part for me, it was always nutrition. As a massive foodie, I've always put off eating "right" as everyone that seemed to be doing so were eating plain and boring foods. What attracted me to Nutrition by Ashleigh Jade was seeing her Instagram page filled with meals that looked delicious but had great macros. Since working with Ashleigh, I've learnt that you don't have to deprive yourself to meet your fitness goals. I've enjoyed pastas, burgers, noodles, a PHENOMENAL biscoff weetbix cheesecake as part of my meal plans from Ashleigh. It's been less than 8 weeks since I've been working with Ashleigh and I'm already seeing changes in my body, that's also while still being able to eat-out every weekend and treating myself here & there throughout the week . The nutrition has also transferred to my performance in the gym and in wrestling where I feel more energised and focused, as well as feeling more present throughout the day."
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